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About Us

Unexpected Journey

Nestina, comes from my name Ernestine, a nickname that my friends used in high school and college

Born and raised in Cote d'Ivoire (warm little country in west Africa) also name Ivory cost (English translation of french name Cote d'Ivoire). 

I graduated from Groupe Pigier Abidjan and then from Universite Pierre mendes france Grenoble (UPMF) in France, I worked for over 10 years as financial controller in an investment bank; which I absolutely loved..

In 2008 i married my high school friend Patrick and followed him thousand miles away leaving everything behind. the plan was to have our little family, (which we did) stay home for a couples years and get back to the finance world that i use to love so much.

I never thought that I will be designing accessories, loving it so much and making a living out of it today.


The inspiration to create Nestina occurred a November 2010 long day of web searches for flats shoes with bold and big bows shoe clips.
(Did I mention that I absolutely love shoes, especially bold color suede ballet flats?) I found the bow shoe clips and thought I could make them myself and in as many colors as I liked.

I came from a crafty house with my mom always doing something and us, always around to help; so the idea was just natural and exciting. I discovered ETSY’s handmade marketplace while looking to purchase shoe clip findings for my project. This was the moment of my epiphany: “I can open my own shop and sell those shoe clips that i am about to make.”


So my first etsy shop SNestina was launch a couple weeks later, and that same day i received a message from Wendy a bride-to-be who will become my first official Bride 
She inspired me to open the 2nd shop NestinaBridesboutiQ dedicated to the bride.
Like most women, I am fascinated by the process leading to a wedding, from my own experience i enjoyed this phase more than the actual wedding date. So i will make sure that each customer have the most enjoyable experience shopping with me.


11 months later, after countless hours of learning: handmade techniques to make flowers, use millinery tools, jewelry making, sewing; countless hours online and offline looking for supplies, and suppliers, and inspirations, and a couples sales on etsy with some great feedback from customers, Nestina Accessories LLC was formally created and incorporated.


All items are made in my home studio and I use the finest and best supply i could find to make great quality couture pieces at reasonable prices.
Today i offer a wide range of items for the bride, bridesmaids and flowers girls (sashes/belts, veils, headpieces, jewelry, garters, decorated shoes and purses, shoe clips, ring pillows…) - Almost anything but the dress.
I started a shoe line and a purse line, i also offer a line of baby accessories for photos props (inspired by my photographer Katrina Elena) and a fashion line for everyday look.
Nestina accessories are sold on various marketplaces, on my website,
on etsy : store Snestina
store NestinaBridesboutiQ ,
store  Nestinashoes
Nestina has grown tremendously since 2010 and has now entered the wholesale market. The brand is now in various boutiques such us BHLDN and Nordstrom around the world (Australia, Japan, France, Singapore, Canada and USA)